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the vision

v a g a b o n d a n c e is a manifestation of Artistic Director Scarlett Wynne’s vision for an adaptable company model that seeks to transform how dance is presented and accessed by the community.

v a g a b o n d a n c e creates opportunities to elevate the common thread of connection we all share in a physical space by highlighting our shared frailty and our capacity for good.

With a focus on connecting people through a shared physical language, we believe dance can give rise to the attributes, ideas, and values that define us as sacred beings.


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the founders

Scarlett W Headshot.JPG
Scarlett Wynne (Artistic Director) 

Scarlett Wynne has over twelve years of professional experience as a dancer, choreographer, and instructor in the performing arts industry. She holds her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance and has worked with companies across the country such as The Georgia Ballet, Dominic Walsh Dance Theatre, Lemon Sponge Cake Contemporary Ballet, Wonderbound, The Big Muddy Dance Company, and the New Mexico Dance Project. During her time in New Mexico, Scarlett was Artistic Director and Co-Founder of the New Mexico Dance Project while serving as resident choreographer and contemporary instructor with the New Mexico School for the Arts and teaching artist for the National Dance Institute. She and her husband recently moved to Baton Rouge, LA, where she currently serves as Founder/Artistic Director of the newly established vagabondance.

Erik Sampson (Executive Director)

Erik Sampson started dancing at age 17 at the former Ballet New England School of Dance. Through the encouragement and support of his instructors, Erik soon uncovered a passion for dance and the arts, later achieving his Bachelor's of Fine Arts in Dance and a career as a professional dancer. In 2014, Erik transitioned out of dancing professionally to co-found and later direct a statewide performing arts charter school in Denver, Colorado. Erik returned to the stage in 2018 to serve as a company member and Executive Director of the New Mexico Dance Project.  His passion for people drives his investment in the industry as he explores the intersection of performing arts and service to the community. Erik currently serves as the Co-Founder of vagabondance and Operations Director of two non-profits located in Baton Rouge. 


"As people, we are always changing, growing, and evolving.

I believe dance should do the same. Not just dance but also the structure and approach of a dance company. That’s how vagabondance came to be.

It’s about seeing the needs of the community, the people around us, and adapting /creating art in response."

-Scarlett Wynne

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