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"i added the movement for all class to my weekly routine. as a creative person I needed an outlet for my emotions through movement. having this in baton rouge really changed my relationship to my body and space."

-jency hogan (local actress)

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  • 5 classes ($45)

  • 10 classes ($90)

  • unlimited monthly ($125)


Powell Moise School of Dance
(Garden District)
movement for all* 11:00-11:45 am 
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Cary Saurage Community Arts Center
movement for all*  5:30-6:15 pm 

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*movement for all is a class designed for people with no prior dance training who want to explore their own unique capacity and potential for movement. The class consists of a continuous flow of guided instruction, prompts, and exercises to give participants the opportunity to understand how their bodies can create new habits, patterns, fluidity, and power.

"the major problem people face in their bodies is muscular imbalance. movement for all has a unique way of guiding you through exploration of the areas of the body that tend to be neglected in our daily movements and helps, re-engage these areas back into your daily biomechanics.  not only are you improving your body awareness but you do it in a manner that leaves you feeling better than when you started."

-bill downs

(biomechanist/exercise physiologist)

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*about movement for all

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movement for all leverages the benefits of dance training, somatic education, and embodied practice to build greater awareness and access to your full movement potential.

by creating new movement pathways with the body, individuals gain a deeper sensory awareness that also triggers improvements in overall cognition and physical wellbeing. 


while the class in itself is not a "fix all", it better equips you with the ability to establish connection and dialogue with your body to make more informed decisions about how to live and move in healthy ways. 

Class Types

  • Group Classes 

  • Private Instruction

  • Workshops

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For information on scheduling private instruction or group workshops, reach out to us through our contact page 

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